EVENT: York Feminist Network picnic (20th July)

From email:

Hello Huddersfield Feminist Collective!

Just wanted to let you know about a ‘Yorkshire Feminists’ picnic that we (York Feminist Network) are hosting on Saturday 20th July in York.

Details from our Facebook event:

We are hosting a picnic for Yorkshire feminists from across all corners of our fine county!

On Saturday 20th July, from midday onwards, you will find us at the community gardens opposite The Golden Ball (pub) on Cromwell Road in York.

Women, men and children all welcome!

Bring food and drink, as much or as little as you like. As hosts, we shall endeavour to provide as hearty an offering as we are able of some of the ‘picnic essentials’ – sandwiches, cake etc. We will bring as many blankets as we can scramble together, and will also provide all nibbling accessories (cups, plates etc).

Anyone able to bring along a football / a frisbee / any other object capable of providing entertainment for young children, that would be much appreciated.

For anyone unsure of how to reach the community gardens, several of our group will arrange a meet-up at York train station at approximately 11.30am to guide you there.

Should the weather turn against us, the staff at the Golden Ball have kindly agreed that we can take refuge with them, and even take our picnic food in too!

We hope this will be a fantastic networking opportunity for feminists from across Yorkshire, and really hope you can join us then!

It would be really great if members of Huddersfield Feminist Collective (indeed, any feminist willing to make the effort to come!) could join us. We are really excited about hopefully having the opportunity to meet with like-minded women and men from across the region, and do hope that some of you might be able to come along.

Thanks very much,

Rachel (Hewson-Thornton)

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