EVENT: Million Mothers March/ Million Women Rise (Sunday 31st July 2011)

Dear Manchester Wimmin Rising,

Planning for the Million Mothers March (MMM) is now fully underway. The date for the 2011 event is Sunday 31st July 2011. The theme this year is the EveryChild Matters outcome “Be Safe.” After the success of the 2009 event and last year’s 2010 “Be Health” theme the committee are once again hard at work planning the programme.

Mothers Against Violence and Million Women Rise will be working together to raise money for the Million Mothers March and the Million Women Rise March on 3.3.12.

We are looking for volunteers to help us do a street collection in Manchester on 29.7.11 and 31.7.11 at the march.

Please contact Patsy Mckie, Mother Against Violence (office@mavuk.org, 0161 2268134)


Louise Bond, Million Women Rise (jpluy@hotmail.com, 07872015114) if
you would like to be involved

Please see the following websites for more information:



Together we will end violence!


*We are at a threshold. We are going to see change. If we can create
the vision in our heart, it will spread. As women of wisdom we cannot be
divided. As bringers of light, we have no choice but to join

Agness Baker Pilgrim – http://www.grandmotherscouncil.org/

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