HELP: Knitters wanted for Poppy Project

Hi all. Take a read of the email below from Franny in Hebden Bridge.

Many of you will be aware of the situation with the Eaves charity’s Poppy Project – government funding for the vital, unique, feminist work they do to support women who have been trafficked into the UK has been withdrawn. Meanwhile the government has awarded a similar contract to the Salvation Army – an organisation which is known for discriminating against non-straight people, non-Christians and women. The official reason for this is to save money – the SA are promising to ‘support’ more people for less cash. But supporting trafficked people in a humane, sustainable, holistic way is not a cheap – take a read of this article in the Observer a couple of weeks ago which scratches the surface of the incredible work Eaves do.

Anyway – The Poppy Project needs your support!

Donate now. If you would like to make a donation direct to Eaves, please give whatever you can here:

Can you knit? Baby blankets are in short supply. If you can knit (and blankets are no great challenge!) get your needles out and spend an evening or three making a blanket which Eaves can pass on to the women and children they are supporting.
If you’d like a pattern, we have several. Reply to this email and we’ll send you some.
I can collect any blankets made in the Huddersfield area. If you live in the Calder valley you may want to get in touch with Franny direct – her email address is below.

Email from Franny Mac:


Hello lovely gals in Huddersfield!

Franny Mac here, from Hebden Bridge. We haven’t met (yet) but I’m on your mailing list and hope to come along and say hi at one of your meets sometime soon!

Some friends and I are really concerned about the funding being pulled from the Poppy Project, at Eaves Housing in London. As you may be aware, the Poppy Project helps women who have been sex trafficked. The contract for this help has now been passed to the Salvation Army.

Here’s some linkage:

Eaves/Poppy Project desperately need donations and stuff like blankets etc. Blankets will be used to help in Mums n’Tots groups, and so on. I was wondering – does your group have a knitting club, or anything similar? If so, d’ya reckon you may possibly be able to hold some sort of event to get some whipped up?

If so then I would of course come and collect them. I’m contacting loads of feminist groups, women’s institutes etc to get as many blankets made as possible.

Please let me know your thoughts!

Thanks ladies :o)

Franny Mac
07879 468 530

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