EVENTS: Wendy Houstoun’s 50 Acts (only Yorkshire date, Lawrence Batley Theatre – 22nd May)

The Guardian gave Wendy Houston’s 50 Acts an unusual 4 Stars for her “…personal contribution to the voice of grumpy middle-age. From the frustrations of an unreliable memory to the aggravation of a world fogged by corporate-speak, this multidisciplinary solo show covers a gamut of reasons why a woman over 50 might be angry. Assembled out of 50 short segments of dance, text, film and music, it approaches the subject of ageing through a wonderfully economical and unexpected kaleidoscope of angles.”

Wendy Houstoun’s 50 Acts at

Wendy Houstoun | 50 Acts

A warm and intimate evening tackling ageism and other modern rubbish…  

A dancer, choreographer and mentor to a generation of artists who remains committed to finding new forms to address her themes. Over the years, her work has developed a uniquely distinctive style that combines movement with text, and meaning with humour.

Wendy has worked extensively as a solo performer and in collaboration with companies and artists such as DV8 Physical Theatre, Tim Etchells and Forced Entertainment, Nigel Charnock, performance artist Rose English and Vincent Dance Theatre.

A maverick and enduring artist, 50 ACTS sees Wendy in a spirited retaliation against ageism and other modern rubbish, small dances and big ideas, stupidity and much, much more.

Book here.

 ’…one of the most forthright and gifted independent performers of her generation’ DANCE MAGAZINE

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