HELP: Sexism zine

honkHey everyone,

At yesterday’s Sunday Social (which was wonderful, by the way), some of us decided it would be good to create a zine (a DIY magazine/booklet) on the theme of sexism. We want to highlight all the little (and not-so-little) sexisms that surround us every day – the aim is producing something that we can hand out to people in the street to make people go ‘oh yeah!’ and realise that the fight for gender equality is far from over.

We want *all sorts* of submissions, and we reckon everyone has something they can offer. How about…

  • A rant about something that annoys you
  • A graffiti-ed magazine cover
  • A poem or song
  • A book or film review
  • Statistics you find shocking
  • Photography, drawing or painting
  • Good news stories about feminist successes

….or anything else that you think can help to convey the message. These are just ideas to get you thinking.

You can submit entries by email or post – the zine will probably be A5-sized so bear that in mind (though we can scan and re-size anything that’s too big).

Help us to make people sit up and realise what kind of a world we’re living in.



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